Our Work

The Desmarais Difference

Althought the interior of a home is often at the top of our list when it comes to cosmetic appeal, we must not forget that a quality roof will keep that interior safe. Not only is a roof the most important element of a home, but we must also remember that it too can be beautiful!
– Chris Desmarais     

Safety Policy

At Desmarais Roofing, safety is number one. We take our responsibility to look after the welfare of all our workers and to maintain a safe job site very seriously. All of our workers are highly skilled, fully trained and equipped with the appropriate safety gear, tools and procedures to perform the work in a safe and efficient manner.  We integrate safety into all our practices and meet or exceed the requirements for all municipal and provincial safety legislation and standards.

Customer Experience and Roof Quality

“I have invested my time, money, effort and roofing expertise into building this company. And, I continue to be involved in all aspects of company operations on a daily basis, from the time I meet a client to assess their needs and provide an estimate, to the day the project is completed. I am proud of our reputation for excellence and I am certain that our products and services are deserving of my personal guarantee of quality: Desmarais Roofing will provide excellent customer service and deliver a structurally sound and visually appealing roof system of the highest quality”.

– Chris Desmarais

Quality Control!

We do not outsource any roofing work and take full responsibility for the projects we undertake. Maintaining trust, credibility and quality control is very important to us, therefore we count on our dedicated in-house team of professionals to overlook every aspect of your roofing project, from the beginning to completion. We invite you to experience the Desmarais difference.  See what people are saying about our Quality Control by clicking here.

Examples of Our Work

We take pride in our workmanship and It shows. Below are pictures of some of the roofing projects  we have completed over the years.